Why me?

So the question is “Why Me?”






A dreamer 




I am the expert you are looking for. I will treat your texts professionally, but I will also step in the shoes of your readers/clients so that your content is totally in tune with the culture it is geared towards. Not only I am a linguist, but also I am a reader and I can think as the client you want to “talk to”. I can be your reader and your linguist at the same time! I will use the latest technologies together with all the knowledge I have acquired in these 11 years of experience and be at your complete disposal. 

I offer translation, editing, copywriting, proofreading, localization, and transcription services from English and Italian into Spanish and from Spanish into English. I am always attending the latest training and CPD events to deal with your Spanish/English texts as an expert, so that they become suitable and readable for Spanish/English speakers around the world. 

(THIS IS ME) I am Jaquelina del Valle Gutiérrez and I have been translating over 11 years. If you need a professional translator who creates, translates and proofreads your content focusing on your needs, I am the expert. I cater for your every need, pay attention to every single detail, keep updated with the latest news in my fields of expertise, and work hard to provide you with the best service. I am here to answer your queries and work with passion and enthusiasm throughout your translation project. 

(THIS IS WHY) I am driven by Passion, driven by Dreams. 

I know what you need. I work with companies and high-end clients around the world. I know you need more than a bilingual or a linguist. I know you need an expert. And I have become an expert after 10 years of experience.

I know the industry pretty well, I adapt to it, and I already know what you need.

Furthermore, I only take projects I can manage because I’m responsible. Time is a priority for both my clients and me.